Tuesday 11 August 2009

Ask The Tight Fist: New Feature

Do you have problems keeping your money from flying out of your wallet? Do you think that your life is somehow so special that if would be IMPOSSIBLE to live frugally? Are you starting to think all is hopeless? Well never fear, because The Tight Fist is launching a new feature where I will answer all of your queries, solve all your problems, and make you rich and better-looking overnight. Guaranteed!**

Here are some tips to increase your chances of your question getting published:

1. Try to keep it somewhat narrow and specific, so that it can be answered quickly. I offer no guarantee that I won't take a more general question and simply turn it into a Tight Fist Tip.

2. Make it interesting and funny.

3. Slay all my other readers so that I only receive your questions. But then getting your question answered won't really stoke your puny ego since no one will be around to read it.

Direct all queries to thetightfist@googlemail.com- I look forward to hearing from you.

As long as I'm making an administrative post, I may as well mention a few other things.

1. Shameless Self-Promotion. Although The Tight Fist has a great core of readers, there are so many people out there still wasting their money, in desperate need of Tight Fist advice. So feel free to let your friends, family, etc know about the blog. Also, if you are the type who posts to Digg, Stumbleupon, etc, please feel free to submit the site if you see a post you like. In fact, there is a little button in the upper-right hand corner of the blog designed exactly for this purpose that I think has been used like once ever.

2. Feeds. Just so you know, you can subscribe to The Tight Fist in any reader by using the feed links in the bottom right. Also, I now have a new box that allows you to subscribe via email, so all new posts will get delivered to your inbox. More spam! Yay! For more info on the feed, you can see my feedburner page at http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheTightFist

3. Comments. In case anyone hasn't realized, you can comment on any post by clicking the 'comments' link on the bottom. You don't need to sign in or anything if you don't want, so the annoyance factor is pretty low. Commenting is fun!

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves, and I promise more posts soon.

**Note, this is not a guarantee.


  1. I have a question. How should a tight fisted person negotiate the horrible tradition of gift giving? Especially Christmas and Jewish Christmas.

  2. Answer for Matt! "It's Jesus' birthday dude not yours!"

  3. That post is definitely coming...

  4. Mr Tight Fist,

    I have recently been betrothed. However, in order for the wedding to go through I must present my future husband's family with a bicycle, 30 pieces of silver, and a donkey. On top of that, I read that in the US a wife is estimated to be worth (in terms of household labor, beneficial effects on health and lifespan, etc) US$100,000 per year, so translate that into whatever that is worth at purchasing power parity in my country. In return, I receive access to a small percentage of my future husband's meager income as well as general protection from brigands. What advice does the Tightfist have for determining whether the trade-off is a mutually beneficial exchange?


    Girl getting married who needs to decide really soon whether to sell the bicycle, silver and donkey and invest the assets, or whether to go through with this marriage charade