Introduction to The Tight Fist

Do you spend too much money? Are you sometimes jealous of how Jews tend to always have money and don't waste it on stupid crap? Don't you wish you knew their secrets? If so you've come to the right place. I, The Tight Fist, have taken it upon myself to share my secrets of frugality. If you want somewhere to start, it could be The Tight Fist Manifesto

For those of you who have read my column in the London Student, you should know that there is an entire archive of material here, along with many more current posts than make it to The London Student.

Also, The Tight Fist is even so generous that he will take your questions and post answers for all to see. Just drop me an email at:

The site has three main types of posts:

1. Tight Fist Tips: These are little lessons in Frugality. For example, check out:
Tight Fist Tip #4: Avoid Products Described With Unnecessary Adjectives
Tight Fist Tip #17: Fancy Wine Is Still Just Fermented Grapes
Tight Fist Tip #33: Stop Exchanging Gifts

2.Ask The Tight Fist: These are answers to readers' questions. For example:
Ask The Tight Fist: Group Dinners
Ask The Tight Fist: Cheap Halloween Costume Guide
Ask The Tight Fist: What to Do With A Vain, Messy Housemate

3. Miscellaneous Posts:
Epic Feats of Frugality: The Double Wal-Mart Return
The Tight Fist Engagement Proposal

So have fun, and feel free to comment!