Saturday 7 August 2010

Epic Feats of Frugality: Fish Fillet Millionaire

Tight Fist Legend

Want to become a millionaire? Conventional wisdom says you'll have to be a rock star, sell lots of drugs, or (shudder) work long hours in a suit to achieve this goal. But no, you can be an ordinary working stiff and save millions with pure Tight Fisting. Today our inspiration comes from Verna Oller a Tight Fist extraordinaire from the American heartland who worked an hourly job filleting fish her whole life yet managed so save 4.5 million. (Ok, it also helps the she was a savvy investor.) Here is the story from ABC.

I don't really have much to add to the story, but let me call your attention to a few key points:

  • Verna never went to a hairdresser- she always cut her own hair. (Maybe she read Tight Fist Tip #19)
  • She did all her clothes shopping at thrift stores. (Tight Fist Tip #29)
  • When her shoelaces broke, she replaced them with a zipper from an old coat.
  • She cut her own firewood until she was 90.
  • Although Verna was making millions trading stocks, she read the day-old newspaper from her neighbor since she didn't want to pay for her own subscription.
What a legend! Verna Ollie, on behalf of all Tight Fisters around the world, I salute you. You are a true inspiration.


  1. ... she looks pretty good for 90. I'm surprised the Tight Fist isn't hittin' on that treasure chest!

  2. She does look great, actually.

    Are you sure she's not diving off the deep end of frugality there? A zipper?

    Still, very inspiring!

  3. typical responses....saluting extremism......u folks can never stick to a budget because it is always about feast or famine....