Saturday 17 November 2012

Tight Fist Tip #50: Reschedule the Holidays

Tight Fist Thanksgiving: Saturday, Nov 17, 2012
Everyone loves getting the family together for the holidays, but the traveling can be a nightmare. On Thanksgiving weekend especially, roads are clogged and airport lines are long. And perhaps even more important, ticket prices are insane. It makes you wonder whether seeing your family is even worth it at all. So what is a Tight Fisted family supposed to do?

The answer is simple: reschedule the holidays! Say goodbye to all those suckers who think that for some crazy reason thanksgiving HAS to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every months, and say hello to low-stress travel, cheap tickets, and a happy family! 

Hat tip the The Tight Fist's Aunt Barb, who promptly rescheduled the holiday after realizing that she could spend $300 less on plane tickets the weekend before Thanksgiving. The turkey never tasted sweeter.


  1. Great tip! And for new parents out there, before your kids are in school you don't even have to tell them what's happening -- they have no idea what day the "real" holiday is to begin with.

  2. i think this is why jew holidays shift around every year. keep 'em guessing.